Josef Duchan


Josef Duchan / Intuition

Josef Duchan (1970) is a painter and restorer who belongs among the unique contemporary solitaires, who is rare to come across. That is why meeting him – or rather his work – is surprising and affecting at times. The Intuition exhibition represents Duchan’s latest works – be it relief engravings or paintings and drawings. They have characteristics of abstract structures from which a flash of a particular image, writing or symbol permeates sometimes. Duchan’s structures seem to grow from the author’s irrepressible obsession, a compulsion to pass on a message dictated from somewhere in the universe. Even though his work gives the impression of being a naïve or outsider art expression, it is important to know that Josef Duchan went through a highly professional restoration training (as well as artistic one), which comprises of a production of perfect copies. Despite that it cannot be said that his intuitive stubborn prints were some kind of a by-product. According to Wikipedia, intuition means suddenly acquired knowledge or a decision which is not driven by conscious reasoning but by irrational certainty. However, we can state that Duchan’s decision, accompanied by a sense of clarity, has its reasons. It is up to the viewer to interpret them. 

Lenka Lindaurová

Instalace obrazů v Golf & Country klubu Hodkovičky Praha. Aquarium a Playfully Lilla.

Graphic design for a house in Slavíčkova Street, Prague. Estimated realization 2019. You can see the visualization by clicking here (.pdf).

In preparation print and enamel for a residential building in Trnava. Realization will be in 2019. You can see the visualization by clicking here (.pdf).