Josef Duchan (1970) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (graphics, restoration). From figurative work he came to structural abstraction, which gradually changes forms and forms. From the classic painting on canvas, the author moved to painting and drawing on the various materials found and to ever freer expression. It is not limited by anything and transcends generally defined boundaries - whether spatial or physical. He draws in endless cycles with both hands, his traces of color metamorphose into objects, installations. His "head - hands - heart" style is incomprehensible, captivating, liberating.

tahaky z chemie

From the studio

Chemistry school tricks

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The performance of automatic drawing

The performance of automatic drawing will be again on May 28 at 8 pm as part of the Prague Spring – at DOX as part of the Klangofora WIEN concert.
You are cordially invited.

Serigrafie na motivy Kytice J. I. Brueghla

Serigraphy on the motifs of J. I. Brueghl’s Bouquet

In 2006–2009 I returned to the Academy of Fine Arts, where I graduated from the studio of Restoration of Paintings under Professor Karel Stretti. As part of my thesis I took advice from my son Josef, then nine years old, whom I asked which work from the NG collections to choose. After a short look at the NG book, he pointed to the painting Bouquet by J. I. Brueghl, and I respected his choice.

instalace hertz

Details of Josef Duchan’s paintings in a cutout

In the newly opened Hotel HERTZ in Hradec Králové,, details of paintings in a cut-out on large-format glass ceramic printing were used as a dividing wall in the rooms.

Smetanova výtvarná Litomyšl

Plan B – Smetana’s art Litomyšl

Dear friends, I cordially invite you to the installation of “EYES” in Litomyšl as part of the Plan B exhibition.
The event starts on July 3, 2021 at 2 p.m.
The installation will last until August 30, 2021.