Josef Duchan (1970) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (graphics, restoration). From figurative work he came to structural abstraction, which gradually changes forms and forms. From the classic painting on canvas, the author moved to painting and drawing on the various materials found and to ever freer expression. It is not limited by anything and transcends generally defined boundaries - whether spatial or physical. He draws in endless cycles with both hands, his traces of color metamorphose into objects, installations. His "head - hands - heart" style is incomprehensible, captivating, liberating.

Curriculum Vitae

Josef Duchan

Born 23 August 1970, Frýdek Místek.
A painter, draughtsman and art restorer, he lives and works in Prague


2006–2009 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio of art restoration, Prof. Karel Stretti, Prague
1991–1998 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio of Dalibor Chatrný; Graphics Studio 2 of Prof. Vladimír Kokolia, Prague


1997 George Soros Open Society Foundation, Lvov, UA
1996 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, SE
1995 Staatliche Hochschule Für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe, DE

Techniques of work

  • Graphics, Linocut, Drypoint, Combined technique painting, Pen and ink drawing, Pastels, Acrylic painting, Painting.
  • Restoring and conservation of cultural heritage art work –fine art and craft work.

Solo exhibitions /selection/

2023 (e)motion JSP Art Gallery, Praha
2023 Pentiment, City Gallery, Litomyšl
2023 Intuice, GALERIE MONAMI, Bílovec
2022 Serigraphy on J. I. Brueghl’s Bouquet motifs, Art-n-Coffee
2021 Space in a Plane, Havelka Gallery, Prague, CZ
2021 Recycling in Isolation, Industra, Brno, CZ
2020 Instalation Live, Reduta, Prague, CZ
2019 LIVE, Rainbow Gallery, Prostějov, CZ
2019 Ateliér Live, Vnitroblok, Prague, CZ
2019 Intuition, Villa Pellé, Prague, CZ
2018 LIVE, Bratislava Castle, Bratislava, SK
2018 The World Under a Kaleidoscope, J&T Bank Gallery, Prague, CZ
2017 The Sensitive Body of My Mind, BBLA, New York, USA
2017 Microcosmos, Gallery17/18, Ottawa, CA
2016 My World, Entrance Gallery, Prague, CZ
2007 Transformations, Na chodbě Gallery, Ostrava, CZ
2007 Transformations II,  Mlejn Gallery, Ostrava, CZ
2007 SOLO, Le Court Gallery, Prague, CZ
1999 Graphics, Inter Art Gallery, Pasov, DE
1998 Initiation: Teacher and Student (with Vladimír Kokolia), Hollar Gallery, Prague, CZ
1997 Graphics II, Galerie Soros Center, Lvov, UA

Group exhibitions /selection/

2023 Connection, Telegraph, Olomouc
2023 Group exhibition “Sneaking in: Friends of the Havelka Gallery” by Josef Duchan, Markéta Vohradská, Lady Semecká and Petra Lady, Program Health Plus Prague
2021 Plan B, Litomyšl
2020 Principles (with Petr Hájek), House of Art, České Budějovice, CZ
2020 Galegion (with Petr Hájek), DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, CZ
2009 Memes of Graphis Studio 2, Aleš South Bohemian Gallery: Wortner House, České Budějovice, CZ
2009 – 2011 Enamel Art, Ostrava, CZ
2000 Depth of Space, STM Gallery, Košice, SK
2000 Screen Printing, Jičín Regional Gallery and Museum, Jičín, CZ

Art restoration work /selection/

2014 Preparatory and restoration work  for Embassy of France, Prague
2013 Preparatory and restoration work  in Vaclav Havel Library, Prague
2011 Renovation of a painting of E.A.Harrach for the Prague        Archdiocese, Prague, CZ
2011–2012 Work on the renovation of a painting of St Agnes of Bohemia for the Prague Archdiocese, Prague, CZ
2008–2009 Work on the renovation of a painting of St. Wenceslas for the Prague Archdiocese, Prague, CZ
2004 Restoration work – Baroque church Na Andělské Hoře, Karlovy Vary
1999-2004 Restoration work, esp.colour layout and exterior of buildings, occasionally interiors (Ministry of Industry and Trade, Prague, Na Františku Hospital, Prague, Nostitz Palace, Prague, Interior of Valdstein palace, Prague, Small Furstenberg Palace, Prague, Faculty of Matematics and Physics of Charles Univesity, Prague, etc)

Works in architecture /selection/

2007 Graphical Layout for large scale printing Václav Havel Airport (Marriot Hotel) Prague
2005 Large-scale print, ČKD Building, Wenceslav Square, for the architectural studio of Prof. Alena Šrámková, Prague, CZ
2002 Design project and realisation of 13 story apartment building at Jahodová Street, Prague
2000 Participation in selection procedur efor exterior of Sovovy mlýny building, cooperation with architect Michal Mihalcik, not realised
1999 Design concept for exterior of National Gallery buiding in the Third courtyard of Prague Castle, cooperation with HŠH Architects Studio, not realised

The other

2022 So far Restoration work on the mural on Luční Boudá – designed by Prof. Erich Fuchs was carried out by Albert Helm
2022 Illustrations of the poetry collection Cesta Od Eurydike, author Tomáš Pavlík, published by Galerie Havelka
2022 Performance of automatic drawings as part of the Prague Spring Galegion (Petr Hájek) in DOX , as part of the Klangfora WIEN concert.
2022 Installation at the newly opened Hotel HERTZ in Hradec Králové,, details of cut-out paintings on large-format glass, ceramic print as a dividing wall in the rooms.


2000 Graphic Art of the Year, Prize of Pražská plynárenská (Prague Gas), Prague, CZ
2009 3rd place in competition for the monument to General Patton for the city of Plzeň (with Jaroslav Hlásek and Miroslav Tupý)


Pražská plynárenská (Prague Gas), Prague, CZ

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