Josef Duchan (1970) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (graphics, restoration). From figurative work he came to structural abstraction, which gradually changes forms and forms. From the classic painting on canvas, the author moved to painting and drawing on the various materials found and to ever freer expression. It is not limited by anything and transcends generally defined boundaries - whether spatial or physical. He draws in endless cycles with both hands, his traces of color metamorphose into objects, installations. His "head - hands - heart" style is incomprehensible, captivating, liberating.

Love it here

“I like it here” is the name of a chamber exhibition in the bookstore by Řehoř Samsa in Prague. It presents the latest works of Josef Duchan, mostly on canvas.

The exhibition will be on view until March 2, 2022. We cordially invite you.

Josef Duchan‘s chamber exhibition at the Řehoře Samsa Bookstore presents the artist‘s first works on canvas to the public

Since 2017, Josef Duchan has focused on automatic drawing. He draws wherever he is and records everything he sees and perceives – in the car, on the train, in the subway, at a concert or on the street. Anywhere you can imagine. Day, night, in the dark…. Gradually, a unique drawing document of everyday life that surrounds the artist is created. By recording this in individual works, he captures scenes of everyday life. He does not try to capture one chosen storyline or emotional line in his works, but layers everything on a given format of paper, foil, canvas as time, space, sounds…are perceived by his mind. It is a simultaneous recording without retouching, posing or embellishment Some of the resulting drawings can be described as an “encephalograph“ of the moment. Naturally, viewers may find fleeting plot lines, portraits, figures… not just abstract “vibrations“ in some of the paintings.

On his travels, he mainly uses paper and tracing paper. When developing a theme in the studio, he tries to work in a similar way on canvases, connecting the past with the present.

He tries to transfer his inimitable handwriting from his drawings not only onto canvases, but also to process them through lithography and printmaking.

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